In the final night of this Tokyo trip, Dr. Koki took a hour train from Chiba to Shinjuku to meet me. I felt so warmful and very exciting to see Koki again. We enjoyed a excellent drinking and Japan food night in izakaya (ZA, WATAMI). Koki, please don't forget to visit Taiwan before my leaving for my work.  
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  • pclin
  • You are right !
    We must meet in either Taiwan or Eu. I believed we will grow together in the scientific route. We will pursuit our next step together.
    Finally, we will be successfully in our interested research field. Good Luck!
  • Unknown
  • Hi!! Joe!!Thanks to come to Japan. I was quite exited when i found you at the hotel.And... your gifts, which are Taiwan tea and sweat, is verrrrrrrrrrry delicious. I, my family and my girl friend feel comfortable.We love Taiwan because you are kindly and food and tea are verrrry good.So, i hope to visit Taiwan to meet you, your wife and your daughter.Even if i cant do that, we might meet again at EU.Thanks again,Koki